Everything About Mortgages in Dubai

How to get a home loan and start earning from day one
Are you considering becoming a property owner in Dubai? A mortgage is your reliable companion on this exciting journey.

Let's explore how it works and why real estate investments with a mortgage in Dubai are particularly attractive.
1 Reason: Meeting with a Mortgage Broker
The first step is connecting with an experienced mortgage broker. We take care of all the formalities — from the application and resume to bank statements. All you need to do is relax and await positive news
2 Reason: Assessment of Average Balance
Assessing your average balance is a crucial step. The broker evaluates your income and determines the initial contribution, ranging from 40% to 60% of the property for non-residents. But don't worry; it's not as challenging as it may seem!
3 Reason: Applying to Various Banks
Applying to various banks is the third step. We select optimal rates for you and obtain confirmations. Then comes the invitation to Dubai — for opening an account and signing all documents. The process is straightforward and transparent.
4 Reason: Account and Documents
Opening an account within a week and depositing money for the loan, you will need to fly to Dubai once again to finalize the deal. Personal presence during the mortgage process ensures its legal validity.
5 Reason: Mortgage Rates: 6% for Non-Residents
Mortgage rates in Dubai are only 6%, making this experience more advantageous compared to markets in the US and Canada. You have the opportunity to become a property owner in the emirate without excessive financial burdens
6 Reason: Stable Income: 9% Annual Rental Yield
But that's not all! By investing with Masterpiece Properties, you not only secure comfortable accommodation but also enjoy a stable 9% annual rental yield. This means that you not only recover your real estate investment but also start earning from the first year.
Let's conclude our discussion with some good news
Masterpiece Properties makes the entire mortgage process more straightforward. We provide you not only with comfortable housing but also with investment returns.

A mortgage in Dubai with Masterpiece Properties is your path to convenience and stability.
If you want to learn more about Dubai real estate investments
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You’ll get to know:

✅How to passively make 9% annual contract-guaranteed yield on Dubai properties;
✅Where to buy properties what’ll make you money in any crisis;
✅What is the the most safe investment strategy that no one uses.

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