Guide to Easy and Swift Real Estate Acquisition in Dubai

When it comes to acquiring property in Dubai, we make the process easy, transparent, and fast. Let's explain why purchasing real estate in Dubai is simply effortless!
Step 1: 10% Payment and Reservation
It all starts with your decision. By paying just 10%, you secure the reservation of your property – a step towards your new real estate. This stage also ensures that your money is secure, even if something goes awry.
Step 2: Signing the Sales Agreement
At this stage, everything becomes official. The sales agreement is your guide through all the details of the transaction. No notarization is needed – we make everything simple and efficient. All signatures and approvals are done online for your convenience.
Step 3: Registration and Obtaining the Title Deed
Now, let's dive into the exciting moment – registering your property and obtaining the title deed. Electronic registration with the Land Department is quick and hassle-free. After completing all preparatory stages, we move on to the final act.

Property registration is conducted electronically by the Dubai Land Department. Upon the buyer and seller's interaction, you receive a registration certificate (Title Deed), certifying your ownership rights to the acquired property.
Additional Bonuses: Mortgage - Your Investment in Development!
We go further by offering you the opportunity to arrange a mortgage. It's convenient and beneficial.

Process of Obtaining a Mortgage:
  • Contact a bank broker to submit your application
  • Analyze your finances and determine the initial deposit. For non-residents, it ranges from 40% to 60%
  • Submit applications to various banks
  • Receive an invitation to open an account after confirmation of terms
  • Transfer funds to the loan
  • Complete the transaction after the final signing of documents
Choose your preferred payment method – cash, cryptocurrency, or a bank cheque. Even if you don't have a bank account in Dubai, we provide everything you need for a successful transaction.
With Dubai, Your Dream Home Becomes an Easy and Carefree Reality.

With Dubai, your dream of owning a home becomes an easy and carefree reality. Our experts and processes are designed to make your journey to real estate in Dubai exciting and comfortable!
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