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Our managing partner, Kir Tkachuk, maintains communication with all clients.
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Investment proposal
— is the only investment real estate agency in Dubai that has its own management company and guarantees investment profitability.
Part of the Masterpiece Group of companies.
of experience in the Dubai market
13 years
the average annual passive income of our client
$270K / 9.04%
Our team of experts uses a unique technology to select profitable investment properties that meet all client preferences.
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Alexey Miroshnichenko
Over 50 major investors have already entrusted us with their capital. For many years, we have acquired and managed their real estate, providing them with a stable monthly income.
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Our clients gain access to the 0.001% most liquid and reliable Real Estate in Dubai.
Choosing the right object is 99% of success!
Why do we make the right choice when choosing apartments?
// 01
We sell 0.001% of all offers, selecting only the very best properties, unlike our colleagues who sell what is currently most popular and where the highest commission is.
// 02
Our product department, led by the company's founder Alexey, who has over 13 years of experience in the Dubai market and an impeccable reputation, is responsible for selecting properties.
// 03
Thanks to close connections, we receive insider information before 99% of the market finds out about it.
How do we choose apartments?
The first step is to choose the neighborhoods. Not all neighborhoods fit our goals. By analyzing data and infrastructure, we have selected the neighborhoods with stable growth for the past 2 years and the best infrastructure.
Criteria for selecting
an apartment:
It is better to have a large studio than a small 1-bedroom
Medium to high floor
Less balcony, more living space
View from the apartment:
the best view would be the sea, beach, garden, or pool. It is important that the view is not a road or another building. If there is construction nearby, consider what the view will be like in 3 years.
Panoramic windows
No load-bearing column
Large bedroom
High ceilings
Corner apartment
Beautiful balcony
Parking space
- it is better to have a parking space inside rather than outside, because outside it can get very hot and someone else might park there constantly.
Quality of the developer and furniture.
It is best when the furniture is from Italy or France.
1-year warranty from the developer for any damages or issues
Available until November 30, 2023
Selected investment properties from the entire market with a return of 30% per annum.
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ROI: 30%
Available: 7 units
Cost: from $ 559 876 to $ 2 768 772
Handover: December 2025
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Club Drive
ROI: 30%
Available: 3 units
Cost: from $ 408 385 to $ 925 673
Handover: 2028
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ROI: 30%
Available: 3 units
Cost: from $ 469 208 to $ 1 167 480
Handover: 2027
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