European investors are suddenly buying Real Estate in Dubai.
Let's investigate.
There is a justified fear that the events of 2008 might repeat themselves.
Very high prices. The average property price has increased by 20% over the past 3 years.
Why have EU citizens stopped buying Real Estate in Europe?
Low liquidity. There are fewer buyers due to high property prices and more profitable opportunities abroad.
The mortgage rate exceeds the CAP. The average CAP is 5%, while the mortgage rate is 7%.
Why Dubai specifically:
The number of tourists reached a record high in 2022 - 20 million. Rental prices are increasing by 10% per year, which is the highest rate in the world. This is why Americans consider Thai real estate as an asset for generating passive income during retirement. The number of Americans purchasing property in Thailand increased by 15% (575 properties purchased) in 2022.
Steady GDP growth and the exchange rate of the Dirham (Dubai currency) to the euro provide reliability.
Low taxes on property purchase and rental income - 0.5% for purchase tax and 0% for income tax.
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