2-bedroom apartments by Giovanni Boutique Suites
After conducting a thorough market analysis for ready-to-rent apartments with a 9% return on investment (ROI), the most favorable option - Giovanni Boutique Suites - was chosen from a wide range of alternatives.
Giovanni Boutique Suites is a 21-storey residential building located in Dubai Sports City. Construction of the building began in 2008 and was completed in 2016. The building offers a total of 400 residential units.

The development of the building was carried out by Arthur & Hardman Real Estate Development, with Eng. Adnan Saffarini as the architect of the project. Originally designed as hotel apartments, the interiors were designed by Giovanni Batista Ravaganani.

Giovanni Boutique Suites showcases an elegant façade with luxurious interiors. The tower also features several shared amenities for residents, including a well-equipped rooftop gym and an outdoor swimming pool.

The apartments are furnished with high-quality fixtures that reflect Italian themes.
Why did we choose
this property?
  • Based on the statistics, 23 apartments owned by our investors in this building show a high and stable ROI - 9%.
  • We selected this property because of its location in the Dubai Sports City area. It is a residential zone that is actively developing, and properties in such areas are always in high demand. Over the past 3 years, the area has shown positive growth. The average rental price has increased from 38,000 AED to 50,000 AED. Our analysts predict further growth in the next 5 years due to infrastructure development in this area.
  • This is a class C area (family-friendly area), making it the safest zone that will bring a 9% ROI even in the event of a general decline in the Dubai market.
  • In this building and within a 5 km radius, there is everything that people who rent apartments for short-term stays need.
For customers renting apartments
for a short period of time, the following amenities are required:
  • rooftop gym
  • large swimming pool
  • sun loungers
And all of this is available in our building!
The analysts in the product department at MASTERPIECE company make data-driven decisions. Based on the charts, it is clear that the real estate prices and annual rent in Dubai show positive dynamics and are among the top performers.
Average annual rental cost
Average annual rental cost
The building is located in Dubai Sports City, a unique area with a wide selection of residential buildings, villas, and townhouses. This location is popular for short-term rentals and is in high demand.
The area offers landscaped parks, water canals, and developed infrastructure that attract families and businesspeople.

To promote eco-friendliness and a healthy lifestyle, all buildings and campuses have solar-powered street lighting to reduce carbon emissions. There are also facilities for active recreation, such as gyms, pools, and running tracks.

Residents will have easy access to supermarkets, schools, hospitals, clinics, recreational areas, and entertainment venues.

Dubai Sports City is well-connected to the rest of the city, with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Hessa Street running along its borders. Dubai International Airport is a 20-minute drive away, while Dubai Marina's luxurious beaches and the main attractions of the emirate, such as the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Dubai Opera House, and Dubai Mall, can be reached in 25 minutes.
Exclusive offer for December MASTERPIECE PROPERTIES
Area: 880 sqft
Bedrooms: 2

SOLD not available
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The cost of real estate and how much you can earn
  • $215 000

    Apartment cost
  • $1 612 (12%)

    Monthly income
  • $ 313,5 (3%)

    Expenses for management
  • $19 350 (9%)

    Annual incom

    This income you will receive guaranteed, even if fail to rent out the apartment.

ROI 9% / Payback 11.1 years
Passive income
+ ROI Calculation
We prioritize ensuring that the real estate
purchasing process is convenient and easy
to understand for you.

Therefore, we have provided a detailed description of each step involved:
How can we effectively manage real estate to achieve a 9% annual return?
What sets us apart from other real estate agencies in Dubai?
Our values are honesty and integrity.
We're driven by honesty and integrity. While some agencies may focus on high commissions, we prioritize the excellence of our services. We're not just about selling high-commission properties. We put client satisfaction first.
We're driven by honesty and integrity. While some agencies may focus on high commissions, we prioritize the excellence of our services. We're not just about selling high-commission properties. We put client satisfaction first.
Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in property selection. Unlike some agencies that might hire newbies, we have seasoned professionals who understand the real estate investment market and the ins and outs of Dubai. Our founder, Alexey, brings 13 years of experience in the Dubai market. Along with a team of specialists, we select the most suitable properties.
We also have the unique advantage of working with a property management company, giving us insights into the potential income a property can yield.
With 13 years under our belt, we have a deep understanding of the Dubai real estate market. Some agencies may be recent entrants, focusing on capitalizing on a booming market rather than delivering value.
Our expertise lies in selling properties for investment. Unlike many agencies that sell properties based on demand, we delve into the numbers and analytics.
We operate a property management company, allowing us to assure profitability for our clients. This also saves them from the trouble of having to rent out their properties themselves.
We guarantee our clients' profitability contractually. This shows our readiness to share risks and responsibilities.
As a group of companies offering a broad spectrum of services, we're able to cater to the needs of individuals visiting or residing in Dubai, acting as a trustworthy concierge service. We put quality and service above all else.
We stand out from most agencies by having a quality control department that supervises every process within the company.
The fact that 90% of our clients would recommend us speaks volumes.
The owners see this company as a lifelong commitment, pouring their heart and soul into delivering the best service possible.
dear client,
We look forward to having you as our client and part of the MASTERPIECE family.
We prioritize building a long-term relationship with each client.Your comfort and value are important to us.
Our managing partner, Kir Tkachuk, maintains communication with all clients.
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