Here are the five best investment strategies for any preference and budget
Early Buy - Lease - Sell
An excellent option if you have a reliable property management company that can guarantee your rental income in the contract. Ideal scenario: buy in the early construction phase, earning 30% on the property's appreciation during construction. Lease it out for 3 years, let's say at 8% guaranteed annual income from the management company. Over 3 years, the property value increases by another 30% due to demand. Final profit: about 74%.
Deal duration: 5 years.
Early but - sell when finished
This strategy is very similar. The key difference is that you sell the property when it's fully constructed. Average profit: 30-50%, but with a well-chosen location and property, it can go up to 100%.
Deal duration: 1 to 3 years.
Lease - Sell
Suitable if you have at least $150,000 and are ready to fully pay for the property. Lease it out and sell it after 3 years for a profit of around 50%.
Deal duration: about 3 years.
Early Buy - Early Sell
This strategy is perfect if you have 40,000 to 60,000 dollars on hand and want a quick turnaround. Purchase a property in its early construction stage at 20% of its future value as an initial payment, and sell it once you've paid the developer 40-45%. Important note: nearly all developers offer interest-free installment plans. Estimated profit: 10-15% per year.
Deal duration: up to 1 year.
Your aim is long-term and reliable passive income. It's crucial to choose a management company willing to guarantee your income in the contract for as long as possible.
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