Dubai Real Estate Investments
A Contractually Guaranteed 9% to 30% ROI
13 years
of experience in the Dubai market
$270K / 9,04%
the average annual passive income per client
$600k / 75%
the average annual income from resale
Masterpiece real estate
— We are a Real Estate investment agency and management company with over 13 years of experience in the Dubai market
of experience in the Dubai real estate market
3 years
$270K / 9.04%
the average annual passive income per client
$600k / 75%
the average annual income from resale
loyal investors are in our portfolio
They write about us
We have a deep understanding
of your challenges and needs
You want to grow and safeguard your capital through savvy real estate investments
— Safe capital
Your expertise and schedule don't allow for the pursuit of viable real estate investments in foreign territories
— Time and opportunity
You want to generate passive income without the hassle of managing your capital
— Passive income
You're worried about the risks associated with your investments, such as a decrease in property value or challenges in finding renters
— Risks of investment
You aspire to financial freedom, where your money works for you while you sleep
— Financial freedom
There are no guarantees of getting your money back, and you bear all the risks independently
— Guarantees
You're searching for a trustworthy expert whom you can rely on
— Expert search
You don't trust realtors because you have had negative experiences.

Most of them have a sales skillset, not an analytical/investment/financial skillset. Most just tell its a good time to buy and look for commissions over the best deal for clients
— Distrust of realtors
What makes our investors stay with us
As of 2022, over the course of 13 years, 642 investors have turned to our company with the aim of acquiring real estate for generating passive income.

We take pride in the fact that 74% of our clients have made more than 5 investments within a span of 4 years, totaling $0.5 billion
For 13 years, we've exclusively specialized in the Dubai market and investment real estate. That's why our investment advisors are the most experienced players in the market
Our company's mission is to help 5,000 clients achieve financial freedom. That's why we cultivate long-term relationships with our clients
To build trust with our clients and make them aware that we share the same risks, we've introduced a financial guarantee of returns in our contracts. If we fail to meet the expected returns, we compensate from our own pocket
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Guarantee profitability through contracts
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Take a step towards your financial freedom
Meet your investment real estate advisor
Kristina Dyubanova
Licensed real estate investment advisor with over 7 years of experience
Clients are banking a cool $3.9M annually
Satisfied clients
Specializing in investment properties in Dubai
Proudly serving a diverse client base of 40+ individuals, all with an annual income of $3.9 million
MASTERPIECE Company Services
Capital Growth
Investments in real estate
Guaranteed increase in your capital by 30% per annum based on profitable investments in new construction real estate in Dubai
30% per annum
Guaranteed by contract
Investments in real estate
Financial Freedom
For whom:
3 -5 days of your time
Creation of guaranteed risk-free passive income from investments in ready-to-move rental real estate in Dubai
8 -9 % per annum
Guaranteed by contract
Turnkey solution
No waste of your time
Turnkey solution
For whom:
For people who don't want to take risks with their money, but still want to receive income every month
Essence of the service:
We help you choose ready-made profitable real estate and accompany you in the transaction process.
For people who value high returns in short cycles and are willing to take risks
Essence of the service:
We assist you in selecting the most liquid real estate while it's still being built. We accompany you throughout the transaction process.
Let's take control of it!
We pay guaranteed rental income monthly.
We take responsibility for ensuring the resale of the property within the terms and at the percentage of profitability fixed by the contract.
Values and mission MASTERPIECE
5,000 families gained financial freedom for life
Financial freedom is $30k per month and $360k per year
$360k at 8% per annum is $4.5M worth of real estate
568M+CXP - Al Safa - Al Safa 1 - Dubai
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