How to Buy a Holiday Home in Dubai and Earn Passive Income Every Day

Even When You're Abroad
Investing in Dubai real estate is not just an opportunity to own a part of this dazzling city, it's a strategic move towards creating sustainable passive income.

Let us tell you why choosing Masterpiece Properties for your vacation home in Dubai is a wise decision.
1 Reason: Access to the Golden Visa
The real estate investment process that opens doors to the Golden Visa:

Minimum Investments: Invest at least $272,000 in real estate to start.
Property Selection: Decide on the type of property that aligns with your goals (apartments, villas, commercial real estate).
Application Submission: Submit your application through the official portal or accredited migration agents.
Application Evaluation: Your request will be reviewed according to criteria and requirements.
2 Reason: Additional Income
The first and main reason: the lack of a professional approach from the average real estate agent who selects properties for you.

What criteria define a professional:
  • Contact a bank broker to submit your application
  • Analyze your finances and determine the initial deposit. For non-residents, it ranges from 40% to 60%
  • Submit applications to various banks
  • Receive an invitation to open an account after confirmation of terms
  • Transfer funds to the loan
  • Complete the transaction after the final signing of documents
3 Reason: This income will be entirely passive
Class "B" includes mid-range properties that combine comfort and affordability. Areas like Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina offer a variety of options in this class.

  • Reasonable purchase and maintenance costs.
  • Good balance between quality and cost.
  • Amenities suitable for the middle class.

  • Competition in the rental market can be high.
  • Lower status and comfort compared to Class "A".
4 Reason: Ideal Weather for Year-Round Enjoyment
  • Consistent Demand
    The low cost of housing attracts numerous tenants. 73% of Dubai tourists prefer renting Class "C" properties, allowing investors to worry less about finding tenants
  • High Liquidity
    The number of transactions for Class "C" properties surpasses those of Class "A" and "B" combined. It's easy to rent out and easy to resell, ensuring investors need not worry about the liquidity of their property
  • Stability in Crisis
    Times of change and economic crises don't intimidate Class "C" property owners. On the contrary, during economic downturns, demand for renting such housing grows as people opt for more economical options, leading to increased investor returns during unstable periods
  • Resilience to Price Fluctuations
    When more affluent individuals shift to more affordable housing due to economic difficulties, demand for Class "C" rentals rises, driving up rental prices. This means investors earn more during crisis periods
5 Reason: Ideal Weather for Year-Round Enjoyment
Collaborating with Masterpiece Properties turns your property into a stable source of income, even when you are abroad. We ensure the daily rental of your property, guaranteeing you income from anywhere in the world.
6 Reason: Access to the Golden Visa

Invest wisely with Masterpiece Properties
Where your property not only becomes an asset but also a source of stable income, providing you with financial stability and a comfortable lifestyle
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