annually from renting out the apartment for short-term.
annually from reselling off-plan real estate.
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Get a guaranteed income:
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Company Services
Holiday Home
  • Vacation in your own apartment in Dubai with a sea view and receive passive income.
  • Buy an apartment in Dubai for short-term rental.
  • Our management company handles all rental tasks.
  • Guaranteed passive income of 9% per year.
  • No income tax.
  • Increase your capital by 30% in 12 months.
  • Purchase high-yield real estate from reliable developers in growing areas.
  • No income tax.
Capital Appreciation
Earn steady income by renting out your apartment. Receive 9% of rental income from both short-term and long-term rentals.
We take care of all tasks:
  • Our product department selects properties we are confident in.
  • Resell your apartment within the agreed timeframe.
  • Invest in off-plan real estate and profit (30%) from resale.
Passive Income
Rent Out
  • Buy an apartment in Dubai for long-term rental.
  • Our management company handles all rental tasks.
  • Guaranteed passive income of 9% per year.
  • No income tax.
— is the only investment real estate agency in Dubai that has its own management company and guarantees investment profitability.
Part of the Masterpiece Group of companies.
of experience in the Dubai market
13 years
the average annual passive income of our client
$270K / 9.04%
Our team of experts uses a unique technology to select profitable investment properties that meet all client preferences.
Watch the video from the founder of the company,
Alexey Miroshnichenko
Over 50 major investors have already entrusted us with their capital. For many years, we have acquired and managed their real estate, providing them with a stable monthly income.
Alexey Miroshnichenko & Kirill Tkachuk
We would be delighted to welcome you as part of our satisfied clients and the MASTERPIECE family.
Alexey and Kirill are the owners who are building
a company founded on three core values: freedom, honesty, and transparency.
We don't make unrealistic promises of high profits to investors. Achieving returns of 15-20% is very difficult, and even if possible, these figures don't include expenses for management and utilities. We believe in providing realistic earnings figures.
We are committed to being transparent with our investors. We will show you the entire process of selecting, purchasing, managing, and reselling real estate.
We value our freedom, so we don't enter long-term contracts with developers. We only sell properties that we have complete confidence in. Our goal is to help clients achieve financial freedom, so they can spend more time with family and enjoy their favorite activities instead of being tied to work.
Their crucial mission is to assist families
in attaining lifelong financial freedom.
Head office:
Office 213 - MSM 1 Building - Al Safa – Al Safa 1 – Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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