We can no longer stay silent
Most Dubai real estate agencies are unfairly benefiting from foreign investors.
In 90% of cases, they encourage investment in «‎off-plan»‎ properties
  • They show you attractive images.
  • Promise high returns of 30% or more.

However, the reality is different…

Foreign investors risk losing millions while agencies make millions in commissions with zero risk. Masterpiece Properties has challenged the norm by offering a service where every investor receives high and guaranteed returns.
Who are we?
Masterpiece Properties is an experienced investment real estate agency and property management company with 13 years in the Dubai market.

  • 13 years of experience in Dubai.
  • Excellent reputation and satisfied investor reviews.
  • Specialization in ready-to-move  real estate and property management
  • Guaranteed 9% return on a 3-year contract.
  • Exclusive off-market offers.
  • A product department using 10 years of technology-based experience to select the best market offers.
  • Ideal service for our valued clients; we save your time and solve all your problems.
1) Passive income of 9% per year + risk-free capital growth.
We offer finished, high-liquidity real estate with 9% annual yield and price growth by at least 5% each year.

2) Holiday home + 6% annual rental income
For people who want to own a winter/holiday/second in Dubai and rent it out when not in use. We offer real estate with a beautiful sea view, in a great area, yielding 6% annually and growing by 5% each year.

3) Management of your property with a guaranteed contract return.
After the sale of the apartment, we will gladly take over its management under a contract for 3 years or more, according to your preference. This includes:

  • Client searches
  • Check-ins/check-outs
  • Cleaning
  • Payment of utility services
  • Payment for home management

Our company covers all management expenses!
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Company Owners:
Alex Miroshnichenko
Founder of Masterpiece Group, Masterpiece Properties, Masterpiece Service, and Holiday Home.
  • Serial entrepreneur, investor, manager of family offices.
  • Expert in real estate investments and capital management.
  • Originally from Uzbekistan.
  • Enjoys traveling and has 2 beautiful daughters.
  • 13 years of life and business in Dubai.
  • Transformed from a waiter to managing family offices for Europe's wealthiest individuals.
  • Then joined the most reliable company in Dubai for real estate investments and management.
  • A person trusted by Europe's wealthiest individuals for confidential capital management.
Kir Tkachuk
Co-founder and Managing Partner.
Entrepreneur, marketer.
Originally from Ukraine.

Always dreamed of New York and a large international company that would change the world.
Started his journey in luxury real estate in New York. Worked as Sales Director in a top 10 brokerage firm in Manhattan.

Decided to build his international real estate agency based on principles of client orientation, honesty, client benefit, and professionalism.

Met Alexey while looking for a partner who shared his values.
Alexey was looking for a strong partner to scale his quality product.

As a result, both successfully developed and expanded their business into new markets.

Our company wants to go through this journey with you and help you achieve a guaranteed passive income to realize your plans.
Schedule your free zoom-consultation and get access to the best investment offers in Dubai. In a 45-minute session, you will learn:
  • How much you can earn on your capital.
  • Why investing in Class C ready-made real estate is more profitable and safer than the official plan.
  • Which areas of Dubai you can invest in, and which ones are not 100% safe.
  • Receive a list of developers who deliver quality and those who deceive.

You will also have the opportunity to join the waiting list for our exclusive official portfolio.

Our investment advisor assistant will contact you by phone/WhatsApp/email and inform you about available consultation slots.

If you wish, you can directly message us on WhatsApp
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