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Investments in Dubai without the headache
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AI Axe
12 years
AI specializing in investment properties
Experience in real estate investments sector
You invest, we handle the rest
// what we do?
As a result of our work, you get analytics on the most profitable real estate in Dubai selected with the help of our own AI.
We select personalized investments strategies, help to buy, manage and sell the most reliable, profitable and liquid investment real estate in Dubai.
Because of the confidence in our data, we necessarily prescribe the percentage of guaranteed income in our contract.
+ Guaranteed income
Who our service is for?
// Who our service is for?
For those who don't want to work until retirement and want to passively earn more than they spend.
We debunk the myth that investing in real estate is a reliable but low-return asset. On our real estate you will earn up to 20% per year with a guarantee spelled out in the contract.
For those who want to retire and have from 200% to 800% of the money invested now in 10-20 years.
We do not offer properties that will make you money now. We sell properties that will give you passive income for decades.
For experienced real estate investors.
Who are tired of real estate agents being primarily concerned with their sales and not the client's earnings.
We don’t sell real estate, we help you to make the best investment decision
We have a base of 780 properties and 34 developers in Dubai and we aren’t dependent on specific contracts with developers.
We want you to earn money and come back to us to earn even more.
How 99% of people buy investment real estate
// investment real estate
Buying investment real estate on such a strategy will take you about 500 hours of free time and possibly the money you are investing.
Go to a real estate advisor, he picks investment strategies.
01 / first step
Great, you have a strategy!
02 / second step
Now you need to find a real estate agency that will meet your needs and find you a property.
Next you need to check the reliability of the developer and the object itself, but how?
03 / third step
Collect a bunch of documents, hire a lawyer, fly to the country to formalize the contract, figure out how to manage the property.
And who to turn to if you want to sell it?
04 / fourth step
// Why is this a bad option?
Real Estate Advisors, even if sincerely want to help you, are limited by their market knowledge:
They tend to propose overly cautions strategies and often fear the risks than don’t actually exist. So, they can pick you a solid strategy for real estate investing and you'll earn 3% per annum. But is that what you want from an investment asset?
A real estate agent always wants to make money on you:
Their job is not to let the developer down, take their % of sales and take new properties from him. Agencies are limited to the real estate of the developers they work with. Do you think 50-70 properties is a sufficient sample to be comfortable with the $100,000+ you are investing?
6 reasons why investing with Masterpiece Group is easier, safer and more profitable:
Working with us you get an financial advisor, real estate agency, analytical center and property manager in one company.
We are not limited in Dubai real estate.
reason №1
We have built AI that analyzes investment potential of 980 properties from 54 developers in Dubai... And we have access to all of them.
reason №2
We are not limited by our Dubai market knowledge.
AI helps us see what other real estate agencies don’t see. We can forecast growth and decline of prices for specific properties years ahead.
reason №3
We don't trust the AI blindly.
We have a team of 37 analysts who verify the algorithm's data. After checking all the data, we select only 20% properties with the highest investment potential.
reason №4
Your earnings will be guaranteed.
The confidence in our data allows us to provide a guarantee of annual earnings, which we outline in the contract
reason №5
You don’t pay us anything.
Developers build their reputation by working with us, which is why they compensate us.
reason №6
We’ll take care of renting out and reselling your property.
Having bought real estate with us, you will not think about how to rent or resell it. That's what we do.
— is profitability, safety and liquidity
// Why trust us
The properties we offer are always growing in value. Due to location, stable economy of Dubai and locations that we choose for investments. Our investor can earn from 6 to 12% per annum. The average earnings of our investors - 9% per annum, which is 4% higher than the average real estate income in the world.
We always fix a minimum earnings guarantee in the contract. We are responsible for the quality of our services and promises.
Our AI gives you the ability to predict future crises in the country, so if we see that due to external circumstances you will earn less than you earn now - we can sell our real estate in one area, earn some money on the increase in its price and buy an object in another location to avoid the impact of the impending crisis.
Choose your real estate investment portfolio:
// investment portfolio
Investment budget
  • Golden Visa for 2 years
  • Real estate analysis
  • Investment strategy for 20 years
  • Guaranteed income from 7%
$14,000 - 28,000
$10,000 - 15,000
$120,000 - 215,000
Annual rental income
Annual property appreciation
Net profit by resale in 5 years
Investment budget
  • Golden Visa for 10 years
  • Real estate analysis
Investment budget
  • Investment strategy for 20 years
  • 3 properties in 3 different markets
  • Real estate analysis
  • Guaranteed income from 7%
  • Investment strategy for 20 years
$37,000 - 65,000
  • Guaranteed income from 10%
$15,000 - 20,000
$100,000 - 130,000
$260,000 - 425,000
$20,000 - 25,000
$600,000 - 775,000
Annual rental income
Annual rental income
Annual property appreciation
Annual property appreciation
Net profit by resale in 5 years
Net profit by resale in 5 years
  • 100% Risk protection
№1 in investment real estate:
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