Revealed: The Secret Investing Strategy Dubai Real Estate Investors Have Been Using Profitably For Years
Get the STEP-BY-STEP strategies to buying nice homes in nice areas and making money from Dubai real estate - without touching a hammer!
This guide outlines the step-by-step strategies investors 'on the streets', are using to invest in real estate.

With the strategies outlined in this guide, you'll never have to think about renovating a house and hoping it sells.
What’s in the guide?
INSIDE THE guide...
Investment Strategies, Advice and Tips, and more! Don't miss out on this awesome content.
01 - Are You Ever Going To Retire?
02 - How NOT To Get Started!
03 - A Simple Wealth Building Strategy
04 - How $40,000 Can Make You Wealthy!
05 - The 30/27/30 Investment Strategy
06 - Key To Success In Real Estate Investing
07 - How To Buy Nice Homes Below Value
08 - The 4 Point Home Search 9 more exciting chapters, and 3 BONUS GIFTS!
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Justin Walsh, US
“Down-to-earth, practical tips and a wonderful perspective, especially enjoyed the chapter on Resale strategies“.
Michael Tiveron, Canada
“I have attended many courses on business start ups and this was undoubtedly far superior to any. You will make great money if you apply the methods”.
Jude Dholah, UK
“This system really does work! They understand your concerns and are able to walk you through the process because they have done it themselves. I would highly recommend Alexei and Kir and their Income for Life program to anyone looking at investing in Dubai Real Estate”.
Margaret Plut, Germany
"Not get rich quick..but ideas, ongoing education and pulse on not just real estate but other opportunities to "Live life on your terms". They encourage everyone to take responsibility for their financial future by establishing multiple income streams and investments to protect and preserve their finances. At no time in our lifetimes has this been more important than now. For less than your monthly coffee bill you have access to countless resources, hardworking coaches and a community of like-minded investors. Easy to join and no long-term commitments...Alexei and Kir and the team are the real deal. Part of their motto "always do the right thing"..That resonates with me and from personal experience I can attest that they do. Great place to go when you know you have to do something but don't know where to start. I've been a member for over 11 years. You'd be crazy not to at least give them a try!"
Dear investor
We’ll never forget when we started investing.

It was tough to find Dubai specific information on investing, and it was an even greater challenge to find up to date strategies that worked in the current market.

So we went from book to book, meeting to meeting, searching for people with the first hand knowledge we were looking for.

But we didn’t have any luck.

So we rolled up our sleeves and went at it.

I (Alexei) bought my first property when I was only 25 years old, and thank goodness I did because the hard lesson I had to learn on my own would be difficult to absorb if I had more time tied up with work, family, etc.

But it did start my business partner Kir and myself down a fateful path.

We worked our way through multiple different investments strategies always chasing the next ‘big secret’ that would make all the difference.

Until we finally realized that there were no secrets but instead timeless principles that could be slightly altered for any market.It was game changing.

From there we started using them ourselves and as we grew what we were doing we got more and more attention from all around the city, then the province, and ultimately the country.

It led us to create our company, Masterpiece Properties, which is dedicated to working hand in hand with real estate investors.

The whole company has been built on offering good information to people. We always felt that if we shared useful, actionable information with people it created a win-win scenario.

They got value from the time they invested in reading the strategies and we received the potential to do business with them one day. Maybe not, but it was worth a shot.

Our guide outlines the step by step strategies we used to first build our investment holdings and then to build our business working with investors.

Whether you are a beginner looking to get rolling or an experienced investor who understands the value new strategies can bring, you will get value from this…..or we’ll give you your money back! ;-)

That was a bad joke….but you get the point.

We hope you enjoy it, and can take even a fraction of the value from it that we have from the same strategies.

Until next time…..Your Life. Your Terms.
Who are Alexei Miroshnichenko and Kir Trachuk?
Alexei quit his job in Uzbekistan to move to Dubai and give real estate 100% of his focus. He began investing at the age of 25 by successfully buying, renovating, and selling a home for profit in only 3 months.

A decade later, he now owns and runs Masterpiece properties with Kir helping other local real estate investors live life on their terms!
Kir Trachuk quit his job as a real estate marketer in Ukraine and moved to New York to chase his dream. He started working with one of the biggest real estate investment agencies in NY City and created 5 strategies that helped their clients earn about 500,000$ in 2021.

He later joined his friend, Alexei , to help launch Masterpiece Properties where they both share the hard-learned lessons they acquired over their years of investing in real estate.

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