How We Built Our Dubai Real Estate Empire Using Our Unique Framework
(and how our investors do the same)
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So here's a Disclaimer... What I’m going to share with you is a completely different approach to Dubai real estate than you’ve ever heard before — one with depth.
A Note From Alexei...
I’m Alexei Miroshnichenko. After quitting my job as a mechanical engineer in Uzbekistan to сhase my dream to be rich I used the value add investing strategy (also known as BRRRR which is buy-rehab-rent-refinance-repeat) and turned 25K into a 6M real estate portfolio. Now I run my own investment real estate agency in Dubai that helped our clients to make $300k+ year in 2023 using the exact strategy.

What I’m about to share with you is a framework I developed on how my clients and I built a real estate empire without needing construction knowledge, or a degree in finance so you can have true financial and life freedom.

- Alexei
Topics Discussed On This Training
How to operate the business of real estate like a CEO and build the business model from scratch.
Why most real estate investing strategies and advice are not right for you if you are a busy professional.
Case studies and advice from real estate investors who were able to take action.
How to build a scalable real estate portfolio without partners, hustle or Home Depot runs.
"Alexei's experience and insight is the reason I didn't give up on my dream of being an investor. Alexei has been coaching me and allowing me an opportunity to see first hand what it takes to be successful in real estate investing and rehabbing. I feel more confident, knowledgeable and prepared."

-Liban D.
"I am thrilled that now, a little more than a month since beginning to work with Alexei, I am under contract on my first rental property. Besides having a wealth of investing knowledge and experience and an inspiring path of her own, Alexei knew just what I needed at what moment: to help me build confidence and zone in to make real moves."

-Tia W.
"I absolutely love what Alexei is creating, a community of building sustainable futures through real estate investing. He has developed a step by step system to find deals, work with contractors and understand financing. The process isn’t easy, but with the help of Alexei’s tools and the people walking alongside us, we have everything we need to grow our portfolio. Thank you!"

-Thomas T.

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