Golden Visa in dubai
Dubai Golden Visa is your ticket to a world of luxury and comfort
For investors
For entrepreneurs
For scientists and highly qualified specialists
which gives you the opportunity to:
The Golden Visa is a residence permit in the Emirates
Golden Visa
Living 365 days a year in a safe and stable country with a high level of comfort, developed infrastructure, luxurious beach and green areas
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Obtaining residency for your family
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Optimization of the tax burden due to the absence of taxes on dividends, salaries, royalties, investment income
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Simplified obtaining of Schengen visa and US visa
Having an access to prestigious education for your children
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Obtaining an international driver's license, which are valid worldwide
Having an access to mortgage programs and loans with a minimum interest rate
Opening a multi-currency account and payment cards in reliable local and American Banks
Getting medical insurance with the opportunity to use the services of leading healthcare institutions around the world
The right to open and run a business in the UAE
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advantages with us
of companies provides comprehensive support to investors in obtaining the UAE Golden Visa for a period of 2, 5 and 10 years
Your participation is only 4 hours
Result guarantee
5 Days — a record time for obtaining a Golden Visa
Conditions of receipt
You can buy residential and commercial real estate in special areas – Freehold Zones.

You have the opportunity to take a mortgage in one of the banks in the UAE: the down payment will be from 40 to 50%. The total amount of investment may consist of several properties and is considered in total.

Also, this amount must be fully paid, and not be in a mortgage. For example, the amount of purchased real estate is 3.000.000 dirhams, of which 40% is taken from the bank, that is, 1.200.000 dirhams. In this case, the land department will assess the amount of investment in real estate in the remaining 1.800.000 dirhams and approve the issuance of residency for only 2 years.
* Your family also has the option to obtain a Golden Visa for the same duration as yours
If you invest in real estate in the UAE from 750.000 dirhams (about $205.000), then you can get a Golden Visa for 2 years
In the case of investments from 2.000.000 dirhams (about $545.000), you will receive a Golden Visa for 10 years
If you invest in real estate from 750.000 dirhams (about $205.000)
If you invest in real estate from 2.000.000 dirhams (about $545.000)
You can get a Golden Visa for 5 years. You have the opportunity to include three more top managers of the company in your visa application.
If you own shares of a company from 500.000 dirhams (about $136.500) from the authorized capital or your project has an approval from business incubators accredited in the UAE
If you own shares of a company from 500.000 dirhams (about $136.500)
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Registration in TASKEEN and execution of a documents package
Applying for
a Golden Visa
Medical examination in the UAE
Fingerprinting if you don’t have an Emirates ID
Obtaining an e-visa
Golden Visa
Getting an Emirates ID, an identification card for a resident of the United Arab Emirates
Steps to get the UAE Golden Investor Visa
What will we ask you to provide?
Valid international health insurance (optional)
First page of a foreign passport
Stamp from the last visit to the UAE, about arrival – if you are in the Emirates, about departure – if outside (in case you went through the electronic counter and you were not stamped, then you need the exact date of passing the border)
An electronic copy of the Title Deed Certificate
Emirates ID (if previously resident)
Portrait photo
On call for you at all hours of the day and night
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