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TOP-3 districts where property is expected to generate 30-40% ROI in 2023-2024
The Dubai real estate market is currently in a frenzy, but like any trend, there are pitfalls. Not every investment will yield the expected returns, and the choice of district plays a crucial role in the success of your investments. We've identified the top three districts where property promises impressive returns of 30-40% in 2023-2024. However, before we dive into listing these promising areas, let's go over the criteria we used for selection and why some districts should be avoided
Part #1
Criteria for Evaluating Districts
1. Location: Location is a key component of a successful investment. Districts close to central points with well-developed transportation infrastructure promise attractiveness for residents and tourists alike.

2. Current Property Value: Prudence in pricing is always crucial. Districts with a corresponding market price offer more stable investment prospects.

3. Vacancy Rate and Return on Investment: The efficiency of an investment is measured by the speed of property rental and the level of profitability. Districts ensuring a swift return of capital take priority.

4. Market Statistics: In periods of instability, districts with stable price dynamics are of particular interest. Touristic places may provide reliable income even in times of economic fluctuations.

5. Infrastructure: Developed infrastructure is a guarantee of comfortable living. Districts providing access to transportation, medical facilities, education, and shopping centers attract both residents and investors.
Part #2
Districts to Avoid Purchasing Property:
1. La Mer
This district does not demonstrate stable property value growth. Investors may encounter relatively lower returns on their investments compared to other districts.
It's important to note that La Mer has not yet gained popularity among renters, which may reduce the attractiveness of properties in this area for rental investments.

2. Blue Waters
Property prices in this district are considered inflated. This should be taken into account when calculating potential investment returns.
The main demand comes from people planning immediate relocation and permanent residence. This may reduce the likelihood of high property liquidity and further value growth. It is recommended to carefully assess your investment goals before purchasing.

3. Dubai Marina
Most buildings require renovation. Investors should take into account the need for additional expenses for apartment renovation when purchasing in this district.
The majority of housing here is of an older style, and real benefit can only be achieved with successful and high-quality renovation. Consider this aspect when making a decision to invest in Dubai Marina.
Part #3
TOP-3 Districts for Real Estate Investments
TOP-3 Districts:
1. Dubai Hills Estate
2. Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
3. Dubai Creek Harbour
Dubai Hills Estate
Location: The district is located close to other Emaar communities such as Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Emirates Hills. It neighbors Al-Barsha to the west and Al-Quoz to the east. Well-connected to Meidan City and Arabian Ranches areas.

Current Property Value Over the Past Year:
  • Average price per square meter increased by 32%.
  • Average apartment price increased by 15%.
  • Number of buying-selling transactions increased by 60%.
Rental Prices:
Over the past year, the average rental price has increased by 15%.
The extensive infrastructure of the district includes a championship golf course, vast parks, shopping centers, bike routes, and planned metro lines.

Additionally, the area offers a wide selection of schools and medical facilities, including branches of GEMS Wellington Academy and Kings College Hospital
Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
The district is located close to business centers, with excellent transportation links through major highways. Its proximity to Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, and other popular places makes it attractive for both residents and tourists.

Current Property Value Over the Past Year:
  • Average price per square meter increased by 39%.
  • Average apartment price increased by 25%.
  • Number of buying-selling transactions increased by 35%.

Rental Prices: Over the past year, the average rental price has increased by 20%.
Infrastructure: The district offers diverse social amenities, including parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, and supermarkets. Educational institutions such as JSS International School and UEG School are also present. The large shopping center, Circle Mall, provides a wide range of shops and restaurants.

Education: Various educational institutions are represented in the area, including the international school JSS and nurseries like Kids World Nursery and Stepping Stones.

Healthcare: Several medical clinics are available in JVC, offering a wide range of medical services, including Right Health and the dental clinic Apex Dental.
Dubai Creek Harbour
Location: Dubai Creek Harbour is a waterfront project comprising residential, commercial, and entertainment facilities located adjacent to parks, recreational areas, and sports facilities. From the very beginning, Dubai Creek Harbour was designed as a place where every guest and resident can live, work, and relax with maximum convenience.

Total Area of the District: The total area of Dubai Creek Harbour is 550 hectares along Dubai Creek. Of these, 886,000 sq. m. are dedicated to shopping centers and public entertainment places, while 7.3 million sq. m. are designated for residential properties. In total, Dubai Creek Harbour can accommodate and employ over 650,000 people at the same time.

Current Property Value Over the Past Year:
  • Average price per square meter increased by 15%.
  • Average apartment price increased by 14%.
  • Number of buying-selling transactions increased by 68%.

Rental Prices: Over the past year, the average rental price has increased by 30%.
  • The highlight of the district is the Dubai Creek Tower, referred to as the "Icon of the 21st Century". It stands at a height of 928 meters and required an investment of 1 billion USD for its construction. Dubai Creek Tower is one of the highest observation decks in the city and is very popular among tourists.

  • Another notable feature of the district is the Ras Al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, a unique place inhabited by around 450 species of animals. Most tourists come here to see the pink flamingos, with their number reaching about 500. Thus, Dubai Creek Tower is an ideal place for both living and recreation. The investment attractiveness of the district is formed by its constantly developing infrastructure and the presence of a yacht marina.

  • Dubai Square is a shopping center in Dubai Creek Harbour. It is a high-tech shopping complex covering an area of 2.6 million sq. m., inspired by the architecture of global megacities.
  • Residents of the community can also easily reach neighboring districts and their shops. Several shopping complexes are located in the Ras Al Khor Industrial quarter, reachable by car in 10-15 minutes. For instance, you can visit Marhaba Mall, a shopping center with clothing stores, a large supermarket, and a food court.
  • There is also a W Mart supermarket in Dubai Creek Harbour. Additionally, other stores are located in the neighboring Ras Al Khor Industrial quarter.
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