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TOP-4 Developers in Dubai for 2020-2030
Choosing the right developer plays a crucial role in investing in real estate in Dubai. Our 13 years of experience enable us to identify the key criteria we use when selecting reliable partners. In this article, we will discuss the aspects investors need to consider and present you with the TOP-4 developers who have earned our trust.
Part #1
Criteria for Choosing a Developer in Dubai:
1. Price Statistics: It is important to analyze the adequacy of the prices offered for the properties. It's crucial that the cost matches the actual market value.

2. Construction Time: Punctuality in adhering to the set construction timelines is one of the most important aspects. Delays may indicate project management issues or financial difficulties.

3. Construction Quality: It's important to assess the quality of previously built properties, including the materials used, finishing, durability, and building reliability.

4. Location and Infrastructure: The best developers place their properties in prestigious and sought-after areas. Nearby there should be schools, shops, transportation hubs, and other infrastructure for comfortable living.

5. Security: Special attention should be given to settlement and eviction procedures, as well as the presence of secured areas and buildings.
Part #2
"Red Flags" for Developers in Dubai:
1. Poor Construction Quality and Possible Delays: Insufficient construction quality and potential project delays can be a serious problem for investors.

2. Poor Property Management: Poor property management can lead to additional expenses and a decrease in the property's value.

3. Overpricing: Some developers may overprice real estate, not cooperating with agents, leading to overpayment.

4. Construction Time Extensions: Unjustified construction time delays can lead to investor dissatisfaction.
Part #3
TOP-4 Developers in Dubai
Their properties are the most profitable, liquid, and reliable not only in the UAE but also in the entire Middle East.

Why did we choose them?
  • 100% completed buildings
  • 100% of projects were completed on time, with no construction delays.
  • 35-47% - average ROI from property resale
  • 8-12% - investors' net annual income from property rental
Emaar Properties
Emaar Properties - a global real estate development and management company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Emaar is one of the largest premium-class developers in the Middle East.

Key Achievements:
  • Dubai Marina: Residential area along a 2-mile stretch of the Arabian Gulf. Phase 1 completed in 2003.
  • Downtown Dubai: Includes Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world, and Dubai Mall - the largest shopping center. Opened in 2008 and 2010 respectively.
  • The Address BLVD: Luxury hotel and apartments in the heart of Dubai, adjacent to The Dubai Mall. Opened in 2012.

New Projects:
  • Dubai Hills Estate: Development within Mohammed Bin Rashid City. The first residential complex - Mulberry at Park Heights.
  • The Opera District: Includes Dubai Opera House - the first of its kind in the country.
  • Dubai Creek Harbour:
  • Dubai Creek Residences: Six residential towers.
  • Creek Gate: Residential complex including the future tallest skyscraper in the world - Dubai Creek Tower.

Investor Figures:
  • Over 700 people purchased developer's property for investment purposes in 2022.
  • 37% - average ROI from property resale during the construction phase.
  • 9.3% - average annual income for investors from rentals.
  • 7.6% - average annual price growth for properties from the developer from 2013-2023.
This company, whose name translates from Arabic to "palm," is directly associated with creating the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah. This project extended Dubai's coastline by 300 kilometers. However, Nakheel's success is not limited to this. They are also known as developers of premium real estate, shops, hotels, and cultural and social facilities.

Key Projects:
  • The World: 300 artificial islands, simulating continents.
  • Palm: Legendary archipelago shaped like palm leaves.
  • Various premium-level complexes: housing, business, trade, culture, entertainment.

  • A panoramic platform 240 meters high on Palm Jumeirah Island, offering stunning views and an interactive theater.
  • Nakheel's Portfolio Includes:
  • 15,000 hectares of elite real estate.
  • 55,000 homes for comfortable living.
  • Serving over 300,000 residents.
  • 27 luxury residential complexes.

  • Nakheel's properties are in demand among renters and provide a stable income of 9% to 12% per year.
  • The company provides high-quality property management, including passive income and finding reputable tenants.
  • Creating the virtual voice assistant My Nakheel to enhance complex service.

Investor Figures:
  • Over 3500 people purchased developer's property for investment purposes from 2017 to 2023.
  • 46% - average ROI from property resale during the construction phase.
  • 10.1% - average annual income for investors from rentals.
  • 8.2% - average annual price growth for properties from the developer from 2013-2023.
This is an innovative holding company established in Dubai 16 years ago. It is one of the top developers in the country specializing in premium-class skyscrapers, villas, and townhouses.

Key Portfolio Items:
  • Collections of elite housing: Port de La Mer, Villa Amalfi, Bulgari Residences, Nikki Beach Residences, and others.
  • Central Park Tower: A skyscraper with spacious balconies and stunning views of the park and city.
  • The Green Planet: A picturesque reserve with rich flora and fauna.
  • Hub Zero in City Walk: An entertainment complex with rides and quests.
  • A Ferris wheel on Bluewaters Island, standing over 250 meters tall.

  • Approximately 4,000 apartments in five areas of Dubai.
  • Over 2,000 public facilities.
  • Approximately 2,000 hotel rooms.
  • Over $5 billion invested in the industry.

  • Continued development of fashionable districts in Dubai.
  • Boosting tourism from China due to agreements with the province of Shaanxi and the Hala China project.
  • Partnership with Brookfield Asset Management for joint ownership and management of commercial spaces in the UAE and the Persian Gulf.

Investor Figures:
  • 1459 individuals purchased the developer's properties for investment purposes from 2017 to 2023.
  • 39% - average ROI from property resale during the construction phase.
  • 11.2% - average annual income for investors from rentals.
  • 8.4% - average annual price growth for properties from the developer from 2013-2023.
Select Group
This company, founded in Dubai, represents projects of a high global standard. Its main focus is on the construction of luxurious residential, commercial, and hotel real estate. In its 21 years of operation, the company has received prestigious awards and has become a recognized magnate in the construction industry.

  • The company erected its first apartment skyscraper 18 years ago in the Dubai Marina area. The building stands at 84 stories tall. Additionally, the ninth building that Select Group constructed in this area was recently honored with an industry award as the best residential high-rise.

  • The premium real estate collection Studio One in west Dubai, featuring apartments starting at $261,642, is already a thriving community. The rental yield is around 10% annually. The complex also includes compact studio apartments. It meets all the criteria of premium development: a two-level underground parking, a pool, and a top-notch security system that operates around the clock.

  • The Hive, a nine-story complex from Select Group, comprises 200 studios and apartments, as well as shops, a common hall, and a massive gym. To bask in the hot Arabian sun, residents need only ascend to the roof and immerse themselves in the azure waters of the pool.

  • The Marina Gate development has managed to win over investors. It includes over 100 apartments, 400 townhouses, and several villas. Some of them are still available for purchase. From any apartment or house in this collection, residents can easily step out to the marina to embark on the open sea on a yacht. Alternatively, they can relax within the confines of their home, swimming in the pool or watching children play on the beautiful modern playground.

  • The company has also built: The Royal Oceanic residence, the premium housing collection West Avenue, the residence with an elegant garden Botanica, and many other buildings.

In total, Select Group's portfolio includes:
  • Over 20 million square feet of real estate with a total value of approximately $5 billion, constructed according to the company's own projects.
  • Around four thousand apartments in new buildings with a total value of about $1.5 billion.
  • Billion-dollar investments in elite real estate in the UAE and other countries.

Investor Figures:
  • Over 4000 individuals purchased the developer's properties for investment purposes from 2015 to 2023.
  • 39% - average ROI from property resale during the construction phase.
  • 11.2% - average annual income for investors from rentals.
  • 8.4% - average annual price growth for properties from the developer from 2013-2023.
  • Over $89,000,000 - total net earnings of investors over the entire existence of the company.
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